Friday, August 27, 2010

joey mondeca This is My World SINGLE REVIEW

Song starts off realy realy shitty the chorous starts off the track and the chorous is notroucious, repetitive and all over the place lucky for us joey mondeca actually can flow so the hook is forgivable. Starting off his actual first verse joey's rhyme scheme starts realy impressive as he suceffully sets a 2 multi rhyme scheme with two sylable words for 4 bars, witch u dont see double sylabal rhyming to much, so allready im impressed but dont know what to expectsince he cant write hooks too well. "ill probally get sancationed for the shit that im saying" joey spits witch means he dont care what you think about his views here say it anyway witch means you shouldnt worry about him selling out. Metaphorically he's creative "i'll bring it back like im a paramedic""you're get pened up like you is a entrance" so its impressive but not consitant still i see promise in oey mondeca



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