Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Anonamix - "Dead Soon" [Prod. Pietja] [2011] {Music Video}

the underground rap scene has alot of new talent bubling slowly into hip-hops heart and soul. One of those new artist is anonamix who is on goldminded records. His new single is the pietja produced dead soon. This is a very deep track that is part suicidal letter/ part wanting to know what people think of him."i'll be dead soon who's gunna miss me and will i leave a mark in musical history" anonamix flow is insane got a nicly woven multi-filled rhyme scheme also getting on some deep relatable lines. "hip-hop i coldnt live a day without it it helps clear my thoughts when my brain is clouded". This is a depression ong but so is the music industry id rather listen to depression lyical tracks than upbeat tracks that sucks that will make me depsressed. deffintly feeling this track



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