Thursday, March 31, 2011

all the way turnt up remix: gino, joey mondeca, automatic, mr 420

you know a artist has depth and pull in more then just the local scene if he a a collab with emcees in south carilina and orlando that all can hold there flow together. allentown natives, automatic, and joey mondeca team up with gino from greenview south carilina and mr. 420 out of orlando for there own version of roscoe dashes all the way turnt up. These artist prove that even though a beat is mainstream provided thres no way you have to tone down thre lyrics cus they didnt and they still came out with a banger in the end. gino starts off this track hard. he keeps the vibe of the orignal track money, women, and swag but with a flow smooth like his on a track that was orignally medicore can be forgiven, everyone got ther won preferences whats matters the most is the lyrics and in that department gino shines with no bras in his flow. His flow is basic at times but he holds a steady flow all the way though. mondeca jumps on the mic next, on the same tip as gino but his flow is more complex as he takes a double mlti flow to start the track, and keeps a one 2 flow thoughout. theres only one part i think his flow strays a little "she said time equals money im spend it with him, im spend the rest of the night with my henny turned up find me in vib brnign it up." to me it sounds extended but the end verse can be fogiven for a azmign overall verse. automatic comes on next he gets off the swag tip and goes on abotu who lsitens to his music "players wanan turn me up musics undianable msuic is undianble parents wanan turn me downthat influences kids at school" bar thers a little off but again though the rest of the track hes consitant mr 420 ends this track on a high note and overall finsihes a legit track



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